Collaborative Investment Committee

The Collaborative Investment Committee is our team-based approach to integrate your distinctive portfolio management views and objectives with our unique and powerful investment process.  Our goal is to increase your returns from a well-diversified portfolio, while controlling carefully for risk.  The short videos at right provide you with a deeper look at our portfolio construction process and how we work together in this efficient CIC framework.

As an investment advisor or wealth manager, you take your professional and fiduciary responsibilities very seriously.

Your investment process—asset quality, style, portfolio construction, risk, trading costs and compliance—are necessarily a focus of paramount concern. The ability of your process to help clients meet their financial goals is critical to your firm’s success.

With all of this at stake, shouldn’t you take every possible step to ensure your investment process is of the highest attainable quality—one that stands out for its institutional caliber? Island Light Capital offers a rigorous and well-tested method to promote your unique value in the crowded wealth management market, assuring more effective utilization of your internal resources.

Through our Enlightened Investing approach, Island Light develops optimally diversified investment portfolios by synthesizing proprietary investment technology, a disciplined investment process, institutional expertise, and intelligent security selection. Island Light delivers ideally allocated portfolios that span the risk spectrum, customized to fit your requirements.

Island Light Capital’s institutional quality investment consulting using sophisticated portfolio construction methodologies empower your firm to stand above the pack with a unique investment process that enables successful competition for the best and most profitable clientele.

Island Light offers services or investable portfolios to allow advisors and wealth managers to differentiate their investment approach as well as their results. We offer the following through our Collaborative Investment Committee Service (CIC):

Island Light evaluates your existing portfolios and strategies using the patented asset allocation methods known as Michaud Optimization™. This proven approach helps you adjust and manage client accounts to enhance the prospect of risk-adjusted returns by solving for uncertainty in information.

Whether integrating or collaborating with you as an investment committee member, for existing firms, or for “break away” brokers or other newly established entities, hiring Island Light as a member of your investment team allows you to focus on building and managing your firm. Together we combine the unique strengths of your portfolios with our specialized knowledge to pursue the primary goal of bringing you new business opportunities.

Island Light’s collaborative approach allows you to expand your investment management intelligence and acumen, without the burdens of more staff, technology and training. Our expertise and determined focus on asset allocation free you to concentrate your scarce resources on growing your business and other critical needs.